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Bob Jones San Luis Obispo | San Luis Obispo is one of the happiest places on earth. Downtown SLO is the center of happiness, and it just spreads out from there. There are so many things going on, for a smaller town.

  • Downtown San Luis Obispo, CA
  • Education is so important that Cal Poly has its own zip code in San Luis Obispo
  • "I get a happy feeling if I am in ears reach or the missions bells when I am downtown San Luis Obispo. especially at noon"

  • The best thing to do in San Luis Obispo is just being happy. After all, SLO is the happiest place on earth.




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  • Santa Rosa St. @ Olive St. San Luis Obispo. If you are not having fun in San Luis, you are not going to the right places | US 101 North | US 101 South | CA 1 North | CA 1 South

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  • "I was not born in San Luis Obispo, but I was raised here. I've been here as long as I can remember"



    #SLO "A little something for everyone"
  •   San Luis Obispo Farmers Market - Thursdays - The San Luis Obispo farmers markket has everything that you can possibly want. It is like a mini-fair, the only thing missing are rides. Fresh fruits and vegetables, BBQ. live attraction and more. Locals gather around and see what is going on in the community